6 Historical Black Colleges & Universities

Since the freed Africans were denied the right to be educated. they decided to create their own colleges and universities that will benefit Black people, and wouldn’t deny them the right to learn.

Sticks ‘n’ Stones

If words don’t hurt then why do I still hear the echo of what you said when I was seven? Imprinted like a fingerprint on my mind…


I am the soil, I am nature
I am tomorrow child of the future
Hard worker- blood, sweat, and tears yet no sorrow

The History of Willie Lynch

In 1712, a man with a plan, had came ashore in front of audiences of the James River in Virginia. Reassuring to all the Slaver Owners, “I have a full proof method for controlling your Black slaves.”

I, Too

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.

Martin Luther King Jr. Or Malcolm X?

The age old question, the choice of which separate the masses of the people, into two groups– Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr? A peaceful man or an outspoken one? We are going to discuss the differences and the similarities of the both, and you’ll decide which side you are on.

3 Books All Black People Must Read!

The revolution begins within, these 3 books will educate you and spark your intelligence. Strengthen your mind and action, because when you have a mind, you have a drive, a passion, a goal and can be occupied with thoughts and actions, achieving knowledge.

Being Black in Corporate America

The constant hair touching and pulling, the frequent touching of your skin to see if it “feels different” than theirs and the occasional “Do you, do this?” question and their, “I’m blacker than you,” responses, if you don’t do or listen to a certain thing.

Different Methods for Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience is a non-violent– and sometimes violent, form of action, in the refusal to obey a government and their demands, commands and/or laws, that doesn’t sit right with the majority of people.

5 Influential Black Athletes

Although there’s many influential Black Athletes, these 5 made a great impact on the American society and the Black communities; raising the bar of success and hard-work a bite higher. Here’s 5 athletes, that’s influential:

Why Don’t Black People Buy From Their Own?

Apparently, a bag of ice isn’t lumpy, but supposedly smooth. This phenomenon amongst Blacks, had been happening since their freedom on 1863. Since Blacks became independent in the sense of the abolishment of slavery, they became small business owners– quickly and rapidly. But as quickly as it came, it soon have been forgotten.